Olex Chuck vom Landgraf and Ingar Olex Chuck vom Landgraf and Ingar Anderson 2018 IDC IPO3 World Champions!


  • Great Job Thomas and his girl Jolie IPO1on passing the first leg of their Mondio Ring 1!!!!
  • Congratulations to Pax and owner Robert on their IPO1 going high protection with 99V!! This is Robert's first IPO dog, wow!
  • Congratulations to Maxi and owners Pete and Linda on the new IPO2, super job!!
  • Congratulations Ashley and her Boy Marco on another IPO 3 with scores of 99v-93-99v=291V ...wow!!
  • Welcome the new 2018 IDC IPO3 World Champions Olex Chuck vom Landgraf and Ingar!!! You guys are AMAZING!! So impressed with Chuck and Ingar 98v-92-96v=286V the only team to get a total V score and he was high tracking in some very tough conditions and one of the very few to V protection and the youngest!
  • Awsome job Phoebe and Gerhard on being the youngest dog in IDC, passing all phases AND being on the winning  IPO3 team of Austria!! 
  • Congratulations to Qessy and owner Jörg on the BH!
  • Congratulations to owner Joana on passing the BH with both Quira and Pixa!