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Eiko v. Landgraf, longbite at IDC World Championship 2013 top 10 finish!

6-9-13 Eiko gets his FH just 2 weeks after competing at the IPO3 world Championships!

5-30-13 Eiko competes at the IDC IPO3 World Championships in Italy and finishes top 10!!So proud of this amazing boy!!!

4-2013 Ezekiel "Zeke" vom Landgraf and Dave gets their IPO2 and go high in trial!

03-10-2013 Eika vom Landgraf and her owner Dino get the IPO3 with a 96V in Protection getting high Protection and High in trial!!

03-09-2013 Deacon repeats IPO3 and goes High in Protection...Go Deacman! Also Indiana vom Landgraf and  gets her BH at 20 months great handling Linda!

03-02-2012 Icon vom Landgraf "Duncan" and his owner Arleen get his AKC TD = Tracking Dog title!

Congratulations to Dave and Ezekiel v. Landgraf on their IPO1!!! Now on to the two :-)

We have two planned breeding for 2013, pleas check the puppies page for information.

11-2012 November has been a hard month for Landgraf. Lussi our foundation passed away  at the age 11.5 yrs, we'll miss you Goose! We also lost Covae to a tragic botched spay and will always struggle with this. She had just had an echo by the  Cardiologist Lori Siemens 3 days earlier where she passed with perfect results.

9-29-2012 Eiko wins the IPO3 Falls Classic!!

8-11-2012 Lussi the foundation of Landgraf turns 11 yrs old and is still going strong. We wish you many more.

7- 2012 Congratulations to Eika vom Landgraf and Dino on getting her IPO2!!

5-14-2012 Eiko vom Landgraf comes in 9th place at the AWDF IPO3 Championships and FCI World Quilification trial....Yahoo!!! We are so proud of this boy doing so well at his first National, Eiko has proven he can play with the big boys of ANY breed! Eiko also won high Dobermann and High Handler-Owner-Trainer-Breeder.                                                   

              Congrats to Dino and Eika vom Landgraf on getting her IPO1 with a 93 in protection!

1-19-2012 Woo Hoo!! Deacon vom Landgraf and his owner Larry Kye got their IPO3 going high in protection with a 95p in protection!!! We also want to say this now gives Lussi his mother a mark in history with the fact that she has produced SchH3/ IPO3 progeny on each of her litters and all with different males!

12-18-2011 Congrats to Eiko on his IPO3 with amazing scores of 96-96-98 going High Obedience, High Protection and High in Trial!! Eiko has now received a V protection score and high protection from multiple judges while working on multiple helpers , not bad for only 3 yrs old!

12-18-2011 Covae becomes the first Dobermann in North America to pass the difficult FH2 while free tracking (no tracking line) and she may even be the first dog we are looking into that! We also want to congratulate Eisa on her BH!

7-30-2011 Woo Hoo!! Foxie gets her SchH1 at the tender age of 2 yrs 6 months. Also Grannus our brown boy had the best BH of the day at just 20 months old. We have high hopes for these two , look to see them in the future.

7-1-2011 Foxie, Grannus and Elfi vom Landgraf results all came back negative for the DCM gene!!

3-21-2011 Woo Hoo Eiko gets his SchH3!!!! Eiko is an exceptional dog trialing from BH - Schh3 all on different fields, helpers and Judges. Nothing phases this boy every day is game day!

3-6-2011 Fenja vom Landgraf gets her SchH1 and goes High SchH1! Also her mom Covae vom Landgraf SchH3,IPO3 gets her FH2 and is one of only a handful of Dobermanns in the US to get this difficult title!

1-09-2011 Covae vom Landgraf wins the USA Northwest Region FH1 Tracking Championships!!!! She was the only dog to get a V score at the trial.

12-5-2010 Eiko trialed for his SchH2 scoring 98-96-96=290 going high protection and high in trial! We also want to congratulate Erynn as she put an AWD 1 on Eva  and a BH on Fenja vom Landgraf, another great day for the Dobies!!

10-31-2010 We have just started to test the dogs here at Landgraf for the new DCM gene mutation. The first four dogs to get tested have come back negative for the gene! Eiko, Covae, Fenja and Feist are negative for the WSU DCM gene mutation!! We will be testing all dogs but it will be over a period of time. Landgraf  will continue to holter and Echo the dogs as well.

10-02-10 Big Congratulations to Debbie and Fayza vom Landgraf on passing the BH!!! Fayza is the first of the F-litter to get out there and title!!

8-15-2010 Eiko vom Landgraf gets his Schutzhund 1 with a score of 284 and goes high protection at the Placer County trial under judge Craig Groh!!!!!

05-01-2010 A big day for the girls, Covae vom Landgraf goes High in trial for her IPO3, and was high tracking, obedience and high protection!! Eika and Elfi vom Landgraf got their BH's and congrats to Kathi, Elfi's owner, she did a great job! Also congrats to our friend Annette and her girl Lacy von Luka for their new Bh too!!!

04-26-2010 Eiko Gets his ZTP SG1A under judge Thomas Becht!

04-17-2010 Deacon vom Landgraf gets his VPG1 and goes high protection again with a 94a score!

9-10-2009 Covae gets her FH1 scoring 94!                                                                   

8-22-2009 Congrats to Cashus and Dunja on their new Schutzhund titles! Cash got his SchH2 and Dunja is now SchH1! Thanks to their owner/handler Art what a great job!

7-26-2009 Covae vom Landgraf gets her Sch3 with a 278 under the  very tough USA judge Glenn Stephanson! Covae is just 3 yrs old and titled for her  SchH 1,2,and 3 all on different clubs/helpers! This is also my first "bred by" H.O.T. SchH3 so a great weekend all around.

5-16-2009 Covae gets her SchH2 with a 276! She scores a 96V in protection too!!

5-11-2009 Wendy and Jersey compete at the FMBB Malinois World IPO Championships in the Czech Republic! Jersey had some problems in tracking, but put in a solid stadium performance. What an experience!!

4-26-2009 YAHOO!!!!  "Baxian" a puppy from the D-Litter gets the first leg of his FR1 and takes down the decoy too!!! Congratulations to Tim and Baxian!! This also makes the first Parent (Lussi SchH1, FR1.MR1) progeny (Baxian FR1) of Dobermanns in the USA to title in French Ring.